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Hegemony, Minecraft-built MMORPG, Will Release February 22nd

Set To Go Live 12pm PST February 22nd

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Remember Hegemony? It’s that MMORPG built in Minecraft featuring classic MMORPG mechanics. It’s got a release date for February 22.

All you’ll need to take part is an unmodified Minecraft client – no download is required. The game boasts a meaningful items system, interactive quests, unique mini games, non-combat content, player owned NPCs, player owned shops, player owned land, new endgame, and more.

You can check out the official site as well for shiny screenshots and additional information. The main story blurb discusses:

“1534 – The flames of conflict have spread to even the most isolated of territories. The manacles of status are beginning to crumble.

Set out on your adventure, take advantage of opportunistic situations to ascend… ascend out of Serfdom, acquire status and perhaps… become progenitor of a new noble line.”

The game is set to go live at 12p PST on February 22.


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