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Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy Hidden Library Event Starts Tomorrow

September 8 - 29

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new limited time event called The Forbidden Library starts tomorrow, September 8, for Hearthstone taking you inside the Schoolmance Academy.

New content is set to unlock every week until the event’s conclusion on September 29. Until then, new content starts tomorrow including Battlegrounds Parties and New Schoolmance Heroes. You’ll also see the Mega Wild Bundle which features 56 packs from recently rotated expansions featured in this first week.

The second week is set to bring an all-new Book of Heroes where you’ll be able to earn a new Mage Pack. It’ll also feature a Scholar Jaina Bundle. Week 3 will feature the return of Heroic Brawliseum where  you’ll be able to battle for some epic rewards. Additionally, the Magic of Dalaran card is back.

This event is all part of patch 18.2 which sees a new feature called Battleground Parties added to the game. New heroes are also set to be added alongside a new minion. The patch is also set to introduce several improvements to the game, and some more miscellaneous updates.


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