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Hearthstone's Next Expansion 'United in Stormwind' Arrives August 3

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next Hearthstone expansion is called United in Stormwind and it’s due to arrive on August 3, including a major update to Battleground and more.

If you were paying attention (pop quiz), Blizzard actually teased the announcement of this new expansion earlier this week. United in Stormwind is actually available to pre-purchase now if you’re so inclined. Blizzard notes its Mega Bundle includes five Golden United in Stormwind card packs, two random United in Stormwind Golden Legendary cards, the Lady Katrana Prestor Mage Alternate Hero, the Lady Katrana Prestor card back, the Ve’nari Alternate Battlegrounds Bartender (Pre-Purchase), and Battlegrounds Perks.

New questlines are also on the way with three-part quests giving an insight into the mercenary heroes. Completing all three of these quests sees the mercenary joining your ranks. Updates to Battlegrounds sees the addition of a new hero, Kurtus Ashfallen with the following traits:

  • Final Showdown 
    • [Passive] Buy 3 minions in 1 turn to give them +2/+2 and progress this.
  • Gain Momentum
    • [Passive] Buy 4 minions in 1 turn to give your hand and board +2/+2 and progress this.
  • Close the Portal
    • [Passive] Buy 5 minions in 1 turn to give ALL your minions this game +2/+2.

There’s a new minion as well called the Archdruid Hamuul with a Tier 6 Battlecry wherein you refresh Bob’s Tavern with your most common minion type. Additionally, this update removes some heroes while updating others.

Darkmoon prizes also return in 25% of games. Plenty of bug fixes and improvements are included with the patch as well including:

  • A Daily Quest has been added for Nozdormu Day, which will appear on the 15th of every month if you have an available Daily Quest slot.
  • Fixed a bug where Dark Inquisitor Xanesh was missing its keyword tooltip for Corrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where the card generation animation would play twice if granted a ranked spell from Onyx Magescribe.
  • Fixed a bug where High Abbess Alura would take no damage after casting Eye of C’thun with her Spellburst effect, despite VFX showing damage taken.

Check out the full patch notes here ahead of Hearthstone’s next expansion dropping August 3. And while you wait, check out our thoughts on the previous expansion.


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