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Hearthstone's Masquerade Event Starts Today

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Are you ready for a ball? Well, the Masquerade Ball is set to begin today in Hearthstone. Here’s what in store.

The event is set to feature a bunch of smaller events. Additionally, the Tavern is getting a makeover to reflect the event. New content will unlock weekly like Tavern Brawls, Dual Class Arena, and a new Hearthstone Book of Heroes solo experience.

On September 29 (which is today), you can recruit Elementals in Battlegrounds. Along with this change, an update will introduce four heroes, 16 minions, a new progression system, and a reset to ratings. You can learn more about this update here.

Additionally, dual class is set to return today as well. You’ll receive one free arena ticket. And with the Masquerade Ball, you can choose a hero before you select a hero power from a different class. These cards will be selectable from both classes, plus neutral cards.

Tavern brawls are also coming and here’s how they break down:

  • Rise of the Zombeasts (September 29) - Create an undead army filled with Zombeasts as Deathstalker Rexxar and his discounted Hero Power. Let the hunt begin!
  • Masquerade Ball (October 7) - Everyone dons a costume at the Scholomance Academy Masquerade Ball! When a minion is played, it transforms into one that costs (2) more. When that minion dies, the original minion is revealed and rejoins the fight!
  • Boss Battle Royale (October 14) - Choose from 10 big bad bosses and fight! Classes are tied to corresponding bosses such as Cenarius for Druid, Rotwing for Hunter, and Lich Baz'hial for Mage.

The Book of Heroes Solo Experience begins October 13 and will be free for all players. Once you defeat all eight bosses, you’ll receive one Hunter Pack. Learn more here.


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