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Hearthstone to See New Classic Cards Added + a Better New Player Experience

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The Hearthstone site has been updated with a new blog post designed to give players and fans a peek at what's going on in development. Of particular note are big changes coming to the new player experience and the addition of some new Classic cards to the base set. The latter is specifically designed to replace cards removed from the base deck to be sent to the Hall of Fame (generally because they were OP).

New cards include: Call of the Void, Pilfer, Icicle and Tome of Intellect. The new cards will be able to be crafted or opened starting in October.

With regard to the New Player Experience, improvements are as follows:

We’d like to ease new players into Hearthstone a little more gently, so we’re taking some steps toward improving the new player experience. Here’s what newcomers to the Hearthstone tavern can expect to find soon:

  • New players won’t have access to Casual Mode, and will start at the new Rank 50
  • Ranks 50 through 26 will be for new players only
  • Just like ranks 25 through 20, players can’t lose Stars while ranking up
  • Once a player achieves Rank 25, they’ll never drop below that rank again.

Lastly, Blizzard devs have announced that they are stopping development on the in-game tournament system, a feature that has been requested by the community for a long time. However, the team did not like how the system was working out, so they have decided to stop production for the time being, though they will be revisiting it at some point in the future.

You can also look forward to October 17th when the annual Headless Horseman makes a return for Hallow's End.

Read the full post on the Hearthstone site.


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