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Heart of Madness, the March Update for New World, Revealed Before Hitting the PTR Tomorrow

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 The March update, Heart of Madness, for New World is coming to the PTR tomorrow, and now we know more about what to expect this month. There's a new Expedition, Tempest’s Heart, a brand new weapon, new encounters  and more fixes on the way.

The new weapon coming with this update is the Blunderbuss, a ranged weapon  that is designed for mobility that will let you on leash close to mid-range damage. This weapon will also scale on strength and intelligence, leading to a more customizable experience that might be worth trying for a mage or even a bruiser type build. The Blunderbuss comes with two weapon mastery trees so you can choose between play styles to pick what suits you best. Containment is about closing gaps and getting in close to Unleash Your strikes. Chaos tree lets you keep your distance and rain AoE damage on your enemies. 

With the arrival of the new weapon, there will also be a new legendary weapon quest series for level 60 and above. Once you reach the maximum skill level with the Blunderbuss, you'll be able to start this quest series.

Another feature of the update is the new Expedition, Tempest Heart, The Myrkgard Expedition. This Expedition will finish the story of Isabella and continue the main story quest line. You’ll be able to find out more of her secrets when you dive into the action. Pursue Isabella to Shattered Mountain and take her on in a final showdown. It doesn't stop there because you'll be able to enter the Tempest’s Heart into an unexpected dimension and the capital city of Myrkgard. 

After a February update mostly dedicated to hundreds of fixes and balance,  the March update returns to a focus on content. Also coming in the update are new Encounters in the wild, some more weapon balance, and even more bug fixes. The PTR update will arrive tomorrow, March 3rd at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

For more on the update, see the announcement at New World.


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