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Headed to Steam Beginning May 6th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Thanks to MMORPG.com user Nuzan we have learned that Ryzom is headed to Steam beginning May 6th. The game will be landing with improved visual effects, technical enhancements, better security and other quality of life improvements.

Ryzom is one of only a few commercial-grade MMORPGs that are fully open source: client, server, tools, and media. Being open source means that Ryzom draws on a vibrant community providing fixes and functionality above and beyond that of what the team can provide. It offers players a unique opportunity to become involved in the development of the game.

For those who can read French, there is an extensive post at LinuxFR.org that covers a wide variety of topics including marketing, lore, translation and more.

Learn more on the Ryzom Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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