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Head into the Dark Depths in Apex Legends With a New Map, Themed Packs, and Flash Events

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With the new year, Apex Legends is going strong with new lore and a new event. The Dark Depths event starts January 11th with a new map, themed cosmetic items, and a series of flash events. There's also a new story cinematic this week featuring Bangalore, one of the game's oldest characters.

Habitat is the new Arenas map. Habitat Four is one of the smallest islands in the archipelago introduced with Storm Point. The island is known for the presence of Leviathans. So the map is inspired by those Leviathans and the concept of fighting in their breeding grounds in a natural setting. The challenges of the environment and the opportunities to use nature, like the big waterfall on the map, create different strategies and open up plenty of choices to make. Just don't forget all the Leviathans around.

The flash events rotate every few days up until the end of Dark Depths on February 1st and include new sets of prizes and a unique badge for completing that week's challenges. Some of the prizes include an Apex pack, new holospray, Dark Depths pack, and more. Thematic packs can also be purchased for coins.

When it comes to history and lore, the latest story cinematic serves as a rich look at Bangalore’s background and why she is how she is. She and her brother Jackson came from a military family, so when it came time to join the IMC they both did so. After the battle of the gridiron, Bangalore wakes up not knowing where she is and wanting more information and her brother tells her the war is over.

She tries to send out an SOS but gets no immediate response. Later, her SOS is received and she talks to her brother who admits that there was no retreat. Worth watching, so no more spoilers other than there’s more conflict to see, and it adds a lot of depth to one of the game’s characters.

For more on the Dark Depths event, the new Habitat map, and rewards, see the event page over at Apex Legends.


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