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Hawked Adds a New PvP Mode, New Enemies, and More Artifacts For Your Loot Chase

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Colorful extraction shooter Hawked has a new update that introduces new modes, including the new PvP “Wonder Rush” mode,along with new artifacts, new enemies, and more.

My.Games released Hawked on PC and console back in February, and this major update is giving the game some juice. Wonder Rush is a new mode that adds a twist to the usual treasure hunting. Players face off in a duo format, competing to mine and extract Wonderium on the X-Isle map. Spawn locations are random and there are incentives to battle, as you vie for the same resource with a clock ticking down. 

You can respawn if killed, so you don’t have to worry about permanent death in Wonder Rush. It is a duo, there's no time to waste. What you do have to worry about is having the right strategies to beat both your enemy and the clock as you strive to make off with the most Wonderium.

The two existing modes also get some love, in the form of new enemies to challenge. Treasure Hunt and Lone Hunter each get some new Disciples types, rising up from the magma underneath the island to wage some fiery war. You’re there for the loot, but now there are more obstacles in your way before you can escape with it.

There are also  three new artifacts, which expand possibilities to extract and make it worth taking on the new enemies (and each other).

Hawked’s update is now live on all platforms, with the dynamic treasure hunting extraction shooter available on PC via Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. 


Christina Gonzalez

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