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Have Some PvE Fun in Your PvP Fortnite Game with Today's Update

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Now that the latest update has arrived in Fortnite, players can have a bit of PvE fun in their favorite PvP game. The Fortnitemares Limited Time Mode event has launched into the game (Save the World too!) and that dastardly Cube is on the move again. Floating Island is destroyed and it's up to players to track down all the fragments that can spawn Cube Monsters in order to destroy them.

The Cube strikes back, bringing Fortnitemares to Battle Royale! Drop in and discover what the Cube has unleashed.

What’s New?

  • Cube Fragments spawn Cube Monsters! Drop in and discover the different types.
    • Large Cube Fragments are found near corrupted areas of the island.
    • Small Cube Fragments are created randomly throughout the match.
  • Cube Fiends, Brutes, and Fragments all have a chance to drop loot.
  • Defeating a Cube Fiend or Brute will grant a small amount of shield.

Additionally, players can check out the Fortnitemare Limited Time Weapon called the Fiend Hunter Crossbow that does 4x damage to Fiends. It's found in Vending Machines and chests throughout the world. Players can also find the Six Shooter revolver and Pumpkin Rocket Launcher in the same way.

For those looking for Playground adventures, it's back with Port-A Grenades and some "events" such as the Port-A-Challenge "that includes the Building Challenge, Obstacle Course and Firing Range minigames".

Save the World players will also enjoy the Fortnitemares event in the "creep lands of Hexsylvania" and the Vlad Moon Rising questline.

Check out the full update notes on the Fortnite site.


Suzie Ford

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