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Hashashin Pre-Creation Coming To Black Desert Online Remastered

Balancing Patch Also Released Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Online Remastered fans who have been awaiting the Hashashin character in the West need not wait much longer. Pre-creation for the new character class is coming next week to the PC version, with the class itself launching on September 2nd.

The class, which launched as a console exclusive previously, will be available to pre-create in BDO sometime next week, giving players a chance to lock in their names and look before the Hashashin enter the Black Desert on September 2nd. Pearl Abyss released a short lore video showcasing the class a little bit more to get players excited for it.

Additionally, the PC version is seeing a new balancing patch hit today, focusing clearly on balancing classes. That patch promises improvements to all classes in Black Desert, taking feedback and suggestions from players when implementing them. 

Via the patch notes:

Today's updates focus on improving each class, especially their performance of certain skills. In order to compensate for the decreasing DP efficiency since the release of Succession, we've revised the Damage Reduction Rate effect per DP range. However, the difficulty of some monster zones may drop too sharply due to this so this change may be subject to adjustments. The Extra AP effect per AP range has also been raised slightly to go with the new rise in defense efficiency. Furthermore, the base AP of summoned creatures has been set to 100 since the summoner's Extra AP did not apply to their damage, making them relatively weaker compared to the summoner as they progress in the game. Lastly, to players who are interested in news regarding Awakening related damages, we plan to closely observe the new increases in defense efficiency and further adjust the Awakening skills' damage based on the collected data after the update. There are still so many suggestions from the players that we haven't entirely worked out yet but we plan to present them through the Global Lab as soon as we develop them.

Every class got into the action of being updated with today's patch, so it's worth diving into the notes to see if your favorite class has been affected. I'll be interested in checking out the new Shards of Darkenss IV and Crow Food II skills with the Sorceress, as well as seeing how the new reduced cooldowns affect the flow of combat. 


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