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Harvesting & Werewolves Anchor Spooky Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Newsletter

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The latest edition of the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter is hot off the press. As it is October, this month's version is a bit "spookier" than normal and features both a harvesting update and a "rogues gallery" spotlight on the Lycandrell...or werewolves.

The devs are pretty pleased with the basic harvesting skills. These include Fishing, Gathering, Mining, Salvaging, Scavenging, Skinning and Woodcutting. Players will be able to pursue as many of the harvesting skills as they wish provided they have the right tools with which to do so. The rest of the post goes into detail about how the team will make each harvesting skill unique and what the difference is between Salvaging and Scavenging and even a bit about node dispersion. Check it out here.

Lycanthropy is the subject of the latest Rogues Gallery, mostly centered on the lore and background of the Lycandrell and the Nighwolves. If you're a lore hound, this article is definitely one for you.

Lastly, the Under Wraps section deals with how development of an MMO -- or any game -- is an iterative process that can change over time. This has been particularly felt by the Pantheon team as they have been working cooperatively to prepare all dozen classes for testing.

This sort of thing has happened routinely throughout production but it has seemed to be particularly present during this past month while we’re implementing all 12 classes with a more complete spell and ability arsenal. These tweaks and adjustments are exciting but are still very much subject to close scrutiny. How will this affect other classes? How can this ability be abused? Is this spell needed? Will the player be more or less desired in a group? Will they be able to solo effectively when they desire? Every attempt is made to be thorough when we are plotting out the classes but inevitably we won’t fully understand its implication until we get it in front of QA and even more so once the pre-alpha testers give it a go.

Read more about it here.


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