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Hardcore Heritage Returns to EverQuest, Offering Increased Difficulty and Rewards

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The warm weather settles over much of the world, EverQuest is bringing back Hardcore Heritage. If you really want a challenge, the schedule will run from today, June 1st, through July 7th, in two rounds. In addition to the challenges in the zones, there are also more difficult raids during the event.

From today through June 14th, if you have a character at level 80 or above, you can head down to Blackburrow, and Cazic Thule. If your character is level 85 and up, you can go to The Ruins of Old Guk and the Estate of Unrest. These will run for two weeks before switching over to phase two.

Phase two runs from June 15th through July 7th, and this round invites characters at higher levels. You can enter Crushbone and Permafrost if your character is level 90 or above. And if your character has leveled past 100, then you can tackle the Castle of Mistmoore and Nagafen’s Lair.

In these zones, the raids will be tuned up for increased difficulty, so prepare to take on the minions, mechanics, and of course, bosses, in (possibly) a new way. You’ll have the chance to face bosses like Emperor Crush and Lord Nagafen.

The event is annual, but the circumstances and zones change, yet if have taken breaks from EverQuest before or missed out on the ramped-up difficulty, now’s your chance.

For those level 105 and above, the Ruins of Sebilis raid will be open for you along with Trakanon. These high level raids will run the full period June 1-July 7th, so those who are already among the highest levels can jump in anytime.

Of course, all of this extra difficulty will result in greater loot if you can handle the heat. 

For more, see the announcement over at EverQuest.


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