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Halo MCC Looking More At Home On PC In Recent Devblog

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a new devblog (via Rock Paper Shotgun), Halo MCC showed off ultrawide support and more as its PC debut inches closer.

The PC-specific updates state,

Next PC Flight’s Focus

Firefight matchmaking is the team’s next core focus for flighting. The aptly dubbed “FireFlight” is still in development and the team is working through bugs as they prepare for its arrival. The flight after that one is currently planned to be focused on PvP matchmaking. We don’t have a date on when it will drop, but will share more info around it as we get closer.  

What Features will be Flighted?

Flighting core game play elements is a key part of building MCC for PC and bringing Halo: Reach into MCC. After talking with the team, they came up with a core list of features that they are planning to flight.

  • Campaign (Flight One)

  • Firefight Matchmaking (Flight Two)

  • PvP Matchmaking (Flight Three)

Resolution is something being worked on, specifically ultrawide support. A whole host of bugs and issues reported by the community are noted as well, including:

Community reported issues to investigate after MCC PC project work completes:

  • Sniper and Magnum shots are too easy in MCC

  • Slow moving projectile weapons impact and effects are not synced

  • Actions executed after dying can queue up and be performed on respawn

  • When a powerup or weapon is moved from spawn it can appear in different locations for clients

  • Multiplayer latency issues

You can read the full devblog here.


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