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Halloween Events Come to Conqueror’s Blade

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Conqueror’s Blade is the latest game to receive its own Halloween events, and this one features a slew of updates.

New content includes:

  • New PvE event and decorations in the main cities
  • New active bonuses
  • Trick or treat WebEvent and writing contest
  • New Halloween Skins

For the PvE event, the citizens of the regional capitals have been out in force, decorating the streets with jack-o-lanterns and autumnal bunting. Meanwhile, an old foe has taken on a sinister new presence in an updated PvE event. Set across three weekly stages, enhanced rewards and Glory will be bestowed upon those who are successful. (Simply press ‘J’ and select ‘Halloween’ to take part). Glory is the currency for the Season 1 Battle Pass progression, so the Halloween PvE event  will help unlock more tiers on the Battle Pass.

The bonus activities include various experience bonuses:

  • October 25th – 30th: 30% increase to Bronze, Unit Experience, and Hero Experience
  • October 31st: 100% increase to Bronze, Unit Experience, and Hero Experience
  • November 1st – 3rd: 50% increase to Bronze, Unit Experience, and Hero Experience

Additionally, new sales include new units, hero, horse attire. Additionally, three new themed attires are available one each for warlords, units and mounts. Learn more about the update here.


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