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Halloween Event Brings the Game Back from the Dead

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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We have received an interesting note for players who may remember Deloria Legends Online, a game first released in 2000. After several years off to pursue other career opportunities, the game's developer, Jeffrey O'Blenis, is back at work to recode the game from the ground up. Having started work in 2016, he's bringing the game back online for a special Halloween event on the Closed Alpha server.

  • Open Invitation. Anyone who signs up on the forums will have access to the Closed Alpha Spooktacular event. (forums.deloria.online)
  • A fresh database will be used, so all prior accounts will be lost and all characters will need to be re-created.
  • Server First code enabled.
  • Max level is currently 20. Quest and story lines also play through level 20. The level 20-25 zone 'Dry Lands' may be released later on.
  • All players who obtain level 15 during this event will have their account (not characters) carried over to the Open Alpha server, starting at the end of the year. All characters created with these carried over accounts on the Open Alpha server will start with a unique cape and an elixir of increased experience. These two items will also be given to all players during the Closed Alpha Spooktacular event.

 ** The first PvP battleground may get released during the event. It is a level 20 Halloween themed battleground which will reward unique items.

You can check out what else is new by visiting the Deloria Legends Online site.


Suzie Ford

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