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Half-Giant Race Explored in New Post

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Thomas Blair is back to reveal another Crowfall race. This time, he unveils the Half-Giant race that uses the model for the old Champion Archetype. As the name implies, Half-Giants are going to have a "big" impact on the game.

As with all Crowfall races, Half-Giants have access to their own Runestone. Their Discipline allows them to receive a "significant attribute bonus to both Strength and Constitution". In addition, their Bloodline Passive comes in three parts:

  • Hitting a Half-Giant for a “small hit” gives them a stack of Makin’ me Mad.
  • If they gain five stacks in 30 seconds, the Half-Giant grows in size and gains a damage buff for 20 seconds.
  • To top it off, they also get a chunk of their Class type resource 

Race-specific Active Powers can be used or not. For Half-Giants, these include Dodge, Backhand (damages and stuns) and Blood of the Giant (causes the character to grow in size and deal more damage).

Class-wise, Half-Giants can be Champions, Myrmidons and Clerics and in male / female versions as well.

You can read up more about Half-Giants on the Crowfall site.


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