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Hackers and Modders Add NPCs to Fallout 76 Before Bethesda’s Official Wastelanders Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As you may know, the Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 meant to add NPCs to the game was delayed into 2020. But this hasn’t stopped hackers and modders.

A whole slew of cheats on UnknownCheats.me (via Kotaku) were released earlier which will allow players on PC to spawn a whole myriad of items like weapons and armor,

“This release will most likely be hotfixed instantly Use the free weekend accounts to spawn containers, items, and create legendary equipment After you create your items, store them on a mule account, do this at your own risk”

It seems now some players have also added NPCs into the game. Reddit user TheGeminaii wrote the following in an email with Kotaku explaining footage of them and their friends playing with various spawned NPCs,

“Their functionality is actually incredibly high. They will wander around your camp while idle, and in combat they will relentlessly chase their opponent, taking cover and retreating when necessary…There are a few limitations though. They spawn without clothes, and some without weapons. The sounds of the weapons they fire are sometimes replaced by the sound of turret gunfire. And they cannot leave your camp unless its to hunt down an enemy.”

So there you have it. Modders come to the rescue once again.


Poorna Shankar