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Habbo Giving 1000 NFT Avatars to Active Players and Offsetting Environmental Impact

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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NFTs are hot, with the number of new announcements increasing by the day, and developer Sulake has announced that 1000 Habbo avatars will be given away for free to the wider Habbo Hotel community as part of a new giveaway. This follows September’s NFT avatar sale, which saw 10,000 NFT avatars sell out in just over a day.

Habbo Hotel still has over 850,000 active users every month, so 1000 avatars doesn’t seem like a lot for active players, but it’s just still a taste of what the company created in September, when they launched  those 10,000 NFT avatars. Those avatars sold out in about 26 hours as a collectible. Since they’re a rare item, the giveaway will let average players get a slice of these rare collectibles, which is as intended, according to the company’s announcement. For those who care about the potential environmental impact? Sulake will be covering fees and work to minimize the environmental impact.

The giveaway will begin this Friday on December 3ed, with a collaboration between Sulake and Offsetera, which will determine the emissions generated by the new NFT avatars and which Sulake promises to offset.This is a new type of giveaway that some may not be used to yet, but with the growth of NFTs, especially as some companies embrace blockchain and “play to earn”, this is probably just an early example. 

In order to have a chance at one of these avatars, (the company estimates that all 1000 available have a current floor price of about €1 million), active players who had an account created before January 1, 2020 and have over 100 hours played this year, can enter their Ethereum wallet address and account info for a chance at nabbing one of the NFT avatars.

You can see all of the avatars up for grabs and find out about the upcoming Habbo Hotel giveaway here. 



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