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H1Z1 Pro League Rocked by Visa Issues, Low Attendance & Lack of Renumeration

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VPESports.com has an interesting investigative piece about recent goings-on in the H1Z1 Pro League. At issue are problems with foreign players obtaining visas and working in the US with proper documentation; low attendance that many feel is due to event streaming taking place exclusively on Facebook; and missing payments from Daybreak due to "force majeure", or an unforeseeable circumstance, that prevents fulfillment of contract obligations.

[Jace] Hall [co-chair of Twin Galaxies, owners of Daybreak] has refused to specify the details of this force majeure citing a non-disclosure agreement. He also informed the orgs that he does not expect them to cover player salaries until they receive additional payment from the League and that the league entity is willing to allow teams to withdraw.

According to the League Participation Agreement (LPA) acquired by VPEsports, there is a specific clause addressing a force majeure event and it explicitly states that the details of such an event must be disclosed and that the other parties shall receive prompt notification. This issue appears to have been known by the league entity and has been withheld from the orgs and players for an extended period of time. It appears from the contract language that the H1Z1 Pro League is obligated to notify and disclose the details to the orgs promptly.

According to the article, some are beginning to speculate that the "force majeure" is related to problems with and within Columbus Nova and sanctions recently placed on Viktor Vekselberg, a "Russian oligarch", who owns the company though questions still remain if there even is any association between Daybreak and Columbus Nova, something DGC has repeatedly denied.

Whether or not these collective issues are signs of imminent failure, or simply a bumpy road on the start of the professional league remain to be seen. 

Check out the full article over at VPESports.com and leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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