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Guild Wars Complete Collection Arrives with a Large New QoL Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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If you've a hankering for a blast from the past, ArenaNet has announced the Guild Wars Complete Collection for $39.99. This new package edition features all of the game's campaigns plus the Eye of the North expansion. In short, it is "everything the original Guild Wars has to offer in one complete package".

In addition to this big news, ArenaNet also sent out a hefty update for Guild Wars that provides a number of quality of life improvements and content updates, "including a new item called the Xunlai Material Storage Expansion". Players can purchase it "up to nine times for $7.99 apiece" and players will find an additional 250 slots in storage "up to a maximum of 2,500 items". 

The Guild Wars Complete Collection includes the following:

  • An access key for account creation
  • Access to the full original Guild WarsGuild Wars: Factions®, and Guild Wars: Nightfall®campaigns
  • Access to the Guild Wars: Eye of the North® expansion via downloadable client (requires a level 20 character)
  • Access to the Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars: Eye of the North, where you can earn exclusive rewards in Guild Wars 2
  • Guild Wars: Game of the Year Edition bonus items: seven exclusive weapons and a fire imp combat ally to assist in your adventures in Guild Wars (To claim your items, type “/bonus” in the chat window while logged in to the game.)
  • Bonus: M.O.X. the golem Hero—the ultimate in magical mechanized party protection (requires a level-10 character)

Learn more on the Guild Wars site.


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