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Guild Wars 2's Next Living World Season 1 Episode, Tower of Nightmares, Arriving September 13th

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Guild Wars 2 will continue the free, episodic return of Living World Season 1 with the next installment, Tower of Nightmares, which will release on September 13th.

This fourth episode of the content will follow Marjory and Kasmeer and their investigation into the mysterious tower over Kessex Hills. With such an ominous tower, and all of the events leading up to this point, it’s not going to be an easy journey to climb the tower and take on what awaits inside.

For those veterans who’ve played through the content back when it was originally released, there are new features with this updated version. With this episode having been unavailable for many years now, though, this will be a brand new experience for many. 

ArenaNet’s announcement notes that one of the new features to expect in Tower of Nightmares is a new instanced group encounter. This will let you enter with a premade team or join others in a public instance to take on the tower’s challenges. 

Previously, when new episodes have come out, some of the other changes and additions include new rewards and a way to unlock certain achievements. We’ll know more when the content goes live next week, but if you’ve been following the release of new episodes so far, you know that the Guild Wars 2 team has some fresh elements up their sleeves.

When the previous episode, Clockwork Chaos, came out back in July, there was a new set of achievements and ways to progress an overall meta-achievement for additional rewards. There was also a significant update in that last episode, which replaced the original’s worldwide clockwork invasions with a permanent recurring event. Tower of Nightmares will be out on September 13th, and is the fourth of five planned episodes.

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