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Guild Wars 2's New Siege Turtle Combat Mount is Like a Two-Person Tank With Jump Jets

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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You've never seen a combat mount like this in Guild Wars 2. The new Siege Turtle in End of Dragons gets a preview video and it's a journey.

According to the reveal on PC Gamer, you will be able to raise your turtle from its cute little hatchling days and watch it grow into an extra large, solid (two-person!) mount that you can attach cannons to, these jade tech siege guns are no joke for the combat tank (mount). And if you have any concerns about the speed of a turtle combat mount, the turtle's jump jets just might ease your mind.

Yes, jump jets. On a giant turtle equipped with siege weapons. This rock of a mount also comes with health boosters and can serve almost like a boulder, slamming down on enemies from above, causing massive damage. That damage can hit up to 10 enemies at once too. 

It's going to take some skill to use the Siege Turtle most effectively, like learning to drive it and use its features as needed, but this turtle mount is packing.It's like a giant rock taking you from place to place but able to step in and use its powers, both jade and bulk, to help you along.Its health is no joke either, sitting at 40,000. The comparisons to boulders or even a tank wouldn't be off.

This formidable turtle will be available to use while you're actually in battle, being a full-on combat mount at all times. They're considering if Siege Turtles will even be able to fit somewhere in PvP down the line. For now, count on them being all over when End of Dragons is out. The Siege turtle will also be able to test in the next Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons beta event.


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