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Guild Wars 2's Fractal Rush Bonus Event Starts This Week

All week long

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In just a couple of days, Guild Wars 2 will kick off a week long bonus event called Fractal Rush.

The event will begin on September 29 at 10a PDT and will run through October 6 at 10a PDT. During this time, if you complete Fractals of the Mist, you’ll be rewarded with the Sense of Community Trophies. You can take these trophies and trade in to Fractal Researchers. These researchers will be found just outside the asura gates which actually lead to the mists. Doing so will see you contribute towards the larger community goal. Additionally, if you do participate in the event, you’ll receive Bonus Bosses of Goods the more you progress to the higher tiers.

And in case you missed it, you should check out our preview of Sunqua Peak Fractal. Robin takes you through the challenge modes and the rewards attainable in the fractal, while providing you here concluding thoughts on Sunqua Peak. You can check out our preview here if you haven’t yet played through it.


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