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Guild Wars 2 Wraps Living World Season 1 With Battle for Lion's Arch and Plans for New Balance Stream

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Guild Wars 2 opens up the fifth and final episode of Living World Season 1 - Battle for Lion’s Arch, as well as a new update, and plans for a stream covering the next balance update.

Battle for Lion’s Arch takes the original content and what was an epic open finale, and turns into a repeatable instance that you can take on via a public version or with your own group in a private instance. As the time comes to stop Scarlet Briar’s invasion plans and takeover, you’ll also have access to a new Strike Mission, new and returning achievements, and some adjustments to content access.

We got an advance look at the episode, which brings content from 2014 back with its own polish and twists, (and Robin shared her experiences today). If you’re still looking forward to dropping in yourself, especially if for the first time, you can access the full episode, and revisit it whenever you’d like. The original achievements are back, along with new ones. The team has made some minor difficulty adjustments, including additional achievements to other Season 1 episodes in order to help make it a little easier to complete meta-achievements for them. 

The new Strike Mission is available in standard mode, with a challenge mode coming November 29th. 

Overall, the center of the new update is this final episode, but there are some other changes, mostly concerning polish bug fixes, and adding the Someone in Need collection as a permanent part of the game. This collection was added recently as part of the Extra Life 2022 campaign, but now that the charity livestream has ended, there’s still a chance to complete it.

ArenaNet is also planning the next live stream with the Skills and Balance team to go into details on the plans for the next major balance patch coming November 29th. This stream will happen on Friday, and after that’s done, the full notes will be posted to the community for feedback, as promised in the GW2 transparency policy.

For more, read the update notes over at Guild Wars 2.


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