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Guild Wars 2 Will Start the Third WvW Restructuring Beta Event Next Week

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Now that we're in 2022, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is coming out in just a matter of weeks. ArenaNet has set the next beta test event for the WvW Restructuring. This upcoming beta is the third event to be held after the first was cut short, and the second faced delay but then took place successfully.

This event starts on Friday, December 14th and lasts until December 21st. This will begin once your region’s World versus World reset happens for the week. If you want to participate you'll have to make your guild selection by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on January 13th if you have a guild in mind to play with or you can just get matchmade as a solo player if you prefer.

The second beta ran in December after a slight delay to fix some bugs before going ahead with smaller issues, but nothing breaking. This time, ArenaNet seems more positive because they have fixed several bugs that were still affecting the player experience in the December beta. This, of course, is what beta testing is for, and it's a good sign that the third event continues to build on the data they collected before.

In order to make this event work as smoothly as possible there will be some bonuses for the week too. From January 14th through January 21st all will enjoy a 100% bonus to World Experience, a 25% bonus to reward track progress, and a 50% bonus in place to magic find.

With the upcoming release of End of Dragons, ArenaNet is clearly looking to shore things up as much as possible. WvW is an important part of the Guild Wars 2 experience, so keeping things fresh and active for players is clearly a priority.

For more, you can read the beta announcement here.


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