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Guild Wars 2 Will Adjust The Battle for the Jade Sea to Help Players Complete the Encounter

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The Guild Wars 2 team is responding to player feedback and has announced changes coming to the Battle for the Jade Sea. This encounter arrived with the release of End of Dragons this week,  and has been giving players some difficulty completing it. ArenaNet has announced some measured changes are coming.

The importance of this encounter is that it was designed as a finale for the Elder Dragon story that has been going on for the past decade. They wanted to create a challenging open world encounter  to serve this purpose in the expansion. Feedback from the community post-launch focuses on difficulty in completing the encounter. They are monitoring completion rates and seeing that those are rising, but there's still a lot of frustration.  There will be some changes, focusing on giving players more room to strategize and act rather than affecting boss health.

The “green circle” phase could be completed under incorrect circumstances and procede at the wrong time. Getting the right coordination should happen faster to avoid the wrong circumstance, so the timing of  this phase has been reduced. This change will give players an additional 90 seconds to fight the boss even if all the players don't make it to the top of the boss arena at the right time. The outgoing damage buff for those players who do make it to the top of the arena is increasing, which should help players be more competitive against the boss regardless of when they reach the top of the platform. 

Two other changes will affect the final boss itself as well as your group. The “Exposed” debuff from break bars has been increased in the encounter, which should make it easier to engage with the break bar and increase group damage for the final boss and mini-bosses. Finally, the final boss should change out of “stunned” or vulnerable phases faster and more clearly.

Players’ feedback seems to have ranged from the difficulty of the encounter itself, and the getting the Siege Turtle collection. They don't want to go too far so they are seeing how effective these changes will be in getting players to complete the encounter successfully and will keep an eye on that to see if more changes are warranted in the future.

For the full announcement of changes, see the update over at Guild Wars 2. 


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