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Guild Wars 2 Welcomes The Icebrood Saga: Champions Tomorrow

The Saga Begins... to End

Steven Weber Posted:
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Can you hear that? It sounds like the voices of Tyria have spoken, quite literally, as tomorrow marks the day where the delayed voice acting for the previous content updates for Guild Wars 2, No Quarter and Jormag Rising, will finally be implemented in game. It also marks the release of the next chapter of The Icebrood Saga: Champions –known as Truce, will drop.

Tomorrows content update will be the first in a series of updates that will wind down the long journey that has been The Icebrood Saga. The last roadmap released by the team at ArenaNet suggests that we’ll see the finale arc pushing into the middle of next year, paving the way nicely for the upcoming expansion.

Players that haven’t bought the game and are thinking about giving it a try will also find that the standard and deluxe editions are 50% off right now, until November 23rd.


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