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Guild Wars 2 Update Makes Lots of Fixes and Balance Changes, Starts The Super Adventure Festival

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The latest update for Guild Wars 2 makes a host of tweaks to End of Dragons content, fixes some issues, adjusts items, makes changes to elite specializations in the name of balance, and begins the Super Adventure Festival. 

The returning Super Adventure Festival begins today and lets you explore Two Worlds with Moto's super adventure box. You can visit the Adventure Box starting today in Rata Sum with temporary portals in each major city to get to the location. Once you're there, you'll be able to earn the festival's achievements and rewards. New additions to this year's festival include the Reality Rig MK1 chest armor, which you can upgrade. There's a new holographic hardlight weapon set, a partial weapon series, a new daily achievement called Extracurricular Activities, along with a rotation of daily achievements. The event runs through April 19th.

The rest of the update concerns polish, bug fixes, and a whole series of balance changes. Some of the changes do involve the elite specializations, including a change that lets you earn the collection item when you complete the End of Dragons story from doing the event or purchasing it from a vendor if you've already finished the story with another character. The Jade bot got a few changes to help it work correctly and the Catalyst Jade sphere energy is now set at maximum when engaging a raid or a strike boss. The event rewards have been improved, and they made an additional change to the Battle for the Jade Sea event that lets you have slightly more uptime attacking the boss.

Other polish changes and bug fixes should let players complete their achievements and tasks a little easier with adjustments to several quests and events. Class balance changes continue to affect the Catalyst. In the last major update the Catalyst was adjusted because builds were providing almost 100% quickness uptime and the highest damage output. Anet decided to change trait and damage output quickly but the Catalyst now doesn't quite deal competitive damage. So the team has introduced several stages of changes to apply to PVE play. He has also applied a number of changes to various classes for competitive play.

The update is extensive, and you should read all of the notes if you have had some issues with  End of Dragons , or if you're curious what to expect for your class going forward. 

Read the full patch notes here at Guild Wars 2. 


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