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Guild Wars 2 Update Lets New Characters Get Raptor Mounts Early, Fixes Warrior Banners, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 has opened another edition of Festival of the Four Winds with the latest update. The update continues some balance updates, including for the Warrior, and New Player Experience updates. This patch also adds the Kralkatorrik legendary variant skin collection for anyone with an Aurene-based legendary weapon to acquire.

With Guild Wars 2’s debut on Steam coming, the ArenaNet team has talked about a focus on improving the New Player Experience and making the early experience and older content more seamless with what came later. This includes the world boss updates in the previous patch, and this update makes several different changes to the early experience to allow players to permanently unlock a basic raptor mount after reaching level 10 on a character. If you reach level 80 and you also own the Path of Fire expansion, you'll be able to later unlock the Masteries for the mount.There are also updated default selections in options, graphics, and controls.

The update also makes some balance changes to several classes, including the Ranger, Mesmer, and Warrior. Of particular note are banner changes for the Warrior, which were widely panned in the June update, and ArenaNet admitted they made a bit hastily without revealing the goals behind the changes in an act of poor communication.

This week’s patch notes come with changes and acknowledgement.

 “We badly missed the mark with banner changes in the June update. We've gone back to the drawing board to be bolder with changes, add more powerful utility, and make banners easier to use. Each banner will now provide its most powerful boons immediately on use and have a much shorter base cooldown of 30 seconds.”

Festival of the Four Winds is back from now through August 23rd. Set sail to join the festival, and join a celebration of peace between cultures, engage in challenges including races, scavenger hunts, and more.

For more on the complete update, head over to Guild Wars 2


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