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Guild Wars 2 Unveils the Frozen Power Source That is The Jade Sea

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The Jade Sea holds mysteries and keys to power, in the latest preview of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.

When you think of a sea, you probably picture flowing water and almost feel sea breezes on your face, but this sea is different. As the new video notes, it is a sea "frozen in time" and contains the power of dragons. Nothing suspicious or dangerous could possibly be going on here, right? Of course not.

The sea became frozen by the Jade Wind, the same force responsible for petrifying and freezing up other areas on the continent. Yet having a frozen sea available as a resource, in spite of whatever dangerous effects or trade offs might be required, looks like something to be explored in End of Dragons.  On the whole, this is the basis for the prosperity of the Canthan continent, which has mined and used pieces of the sea to fuel its industry and growth. Others are still exploring what other possibilities they can use the sea to accomplish.

We've already seen Jade tech featured as enhancing some of the upcoming expansion's new elite specializations, with the green shade in a prominent place when you look at these class evolutions. Everything from the Mechanist’s jade tech mech to some of the green nature power from the Untamed, there are hints that the Jade Sea’s influence may go very far. The Catalyst specifically uses the power of the jade sphere. That green sea’s mysterious power is all over the place. It's not surprising that the Jade Sea and its powerful capacities may have fueled so much more beyond simple industry and growth.

The Guild Wars 2 team will preview the new zone this Friday on its Guild Chat stream. See the announcement for more details on the lore and stream details.


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