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Guild Wars 2 Tweaks WvW Scaling Rewards Criteria and Fixes a Number of Issues

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 Guild Wars 2’s latest update has mainly focused on polishing up some features and the game as a whole, along with a few profession skill tweaks and WvW reward changes. 

When it comes to Guild Wars 2 updates, community feedback has been important to what the ArenaNet team looks at in deciding what to change. Yet, there’s also the matter of player behavior. This data is another factor, naturally, and it plays a big role in this week’s World vs. World changes. 

Recently, Guild Wars 2 made some rewards changes to WvW, moving to a system of Objective Scaling rewards, increasing a player’s take when they demonstrate active participation in securing objectives. This meant that getting into direct conflict and completing those objectives would lead to more rewards. This patch is rolling back some of the things that were counting towards these rewards, specifically repairing walls and gates. Data showed that some were effectively farming the Objective Scaling Rewards by completing these tasks, sometimes resulting in wasted supply. While these tasks are still relevant to objectives that do reward for event participation, like Keep Keeper, they won’t count to progress those objectives on their own anymore. 

Another change this week is the removal of the keycard cap to the Gyala Delve meta-event. Some stages that required keycards to open will be available on their own. The Ancient Outcast’s Mining Caches also no longer require keycards to open, but they will now only spawn from the boss fight. Due to all of these adjustments, the team also cut keycard exchange prices.

Other fixes address a number of quest and achievement-related glitches, including ones that made goals unable to be completed or made required items disappear. Overall, the update is mostly fixes and adjustments, that should ensure a better experience.

There is one big issue initially in this patch that has been reversed due to an issue. The patch initially included replacing Coherent UI with Chromium EmbeddedFramework but this was reversed due to a crash issue that the team is investigating.

You can see the full patch notes, and any updates on the Chromium issue over at Guild Wars 2.


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