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Guild Wars 2 Tweaks Battle for the Jade Sea Again and Adds New Option to Get Siege Turtle Egg

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Guild Wars 2 team has continued to listen to feedback and review the data on the Battle for the Jade Sea encounter in End of Dragons. As a result, there will be a few additional changes coming that should give players some more options for completion and to obtain the Siege Turtle Egg.

Last week, the team did make some changes to the encounter to help improve players odds of completing the encounter without necessarily making the actual encounter easier. The number of successful completions did rise as a result, but there’s still some frustration. With the data and community feedback in mind, the Guild Wars 2 Team announced additional changes coming to this encounter.

One of the changes takes effect immediately, and this is a reduction in ”the frequency at which the Jade Sea Final Boss activates their 'Tail' by about ~50%”. Making this change should help give players more time to both deal damage to the boss if they don’t have to worry about that mechanic constantly, and to strategize overall in the encounter. 

That change will come with the March 15th update since this requires changes to the game build. This opens up another option for players to obtain the Siege Turtle Egg. The Siege Turtle Egg is still going to be a reward for completion of The Battle for the Jade Sea, but there will now be an alternate method to obtain one. The egg will be sold via a new vendor coming to the Jade Sea map. The cost will be 200 Writs of the Jade Sea, so this way will require a time investment to obtain the egg. However you get your hands on the egg, it will unlock the collection the Siege Turtle mount.

The team is still going to be in wait and see mode after these adjustments, and are pledging to continue keeping an eye on this encounter “until it achieves our goal of being a challenging yet doable encounter for most of our players”. 

You can read the complete update on this round of changes over at Guild Wars 2.


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