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Guild Wars 2 - The Vindicator Elite Specialization Revealed

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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will bring a new elite specialization for the Revenant, when it launches in February, the Vindicator. In a new video introduction, the Vindicator shows off intense battle skills, leaping into the action and drawing upon strength from a legendary alliance between what were once ancient enemies, Saint Viktor and Archemorus.The highlighted weapon skill for this new specialization is the greatsword, so get ready to go big and get directly into the fight.

There will be a new elite specialization beta event starting on September 21st through the 25th, with the Vindicator available along with two other, soon to be announced new elite specializations. Two more elite specializations are set to be revealed before the next lineup is available in the beta event from September 21-25th. The last three will be revealed before the next event set for October.

These betas are open to all, even if you haven't purchased the expansion yet, so it's a good opportunity to test out the build and see if any of the new specializations are in your characters’ futures. Chances are if you're already loving getting deep into the action, wielding a greatsword as the Vindicator will give you some fresh challenges (and credit for looking pretty impressive while doing it).

End of Dragons will bring all to a new stage in the world's history. Tyria is feeling the end of the dragon cycle that it was built upon. Cantha will be open to explore and for characters to develop new paths, like the vindicator and previously announced Harbinger (for the necromancer), Virtuoso (mesmer), and Willbender (for the guardian). 

Preorders are already open for the expansion, which will be out in February. In addition to these new elite specializations, there will be new terrain, new masteries, guild halls, and even the ability to go fishing and master it too. For more on Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, check our impressions from the previous beta event. For more on the Vindicator, check the Guild Wars 2 blog here.


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