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Guild Wars 2 - The Festival of the Four Winds Returns on August 11th

Unbelievable, All Four Winds!

Steven Weber Posted:
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ArenaNet declares the return of The Festival of the Four Winds in Guild Wars 2, which begins August 11th. Complete achievements and earn rewards as you visit the Labyrinthine Cliffs and participate in events.

The Festival of the Four Winds is an annual event that is rife with rewards and activities for all manner of Tyrian adventurers. The tweet detailing the release of the festival is scant on specifics apart from what most players can expect from last years festival. The Labyrinthine Cliffs and Crown Pavilion will be home to a number of activities.

Achievements old, and hopefully new will be available for players who participated last year and still want to be part of the events of this years Festival of the Four Winds. Players will likely still need to access the festival through air travel in one of the major cities to participate. Could we expect something different this year? Only time will tell, as Jormag Rising recently released and the 8th Anniversary is right around the corner.


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