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Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival Underway

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Super Adventure Festival for Guild Wars 2 is currently underway bringing some some new adventure, and “educational entertainment” for your chance at earning holographic weapons and loot.

The festival will run through April 27 at 12p PST. If you complete the meta achievement, you can grab the Super Ooze mini. If you’re looking for last year’s reward, the Virtual Box helm, you can grab this from the Super Adventure Box trader.

There’s also a new weapon set upgrade. Play the Super Adventure Box to add the Kaiser Snake or Crimson Assassin weapons to your wardrobe. Once you’ve done that, talk to the festival rewards vendor and trade your bauble bubbles for the Crimson Vanquisher.

Apart from the event, the patch notes also mention several updates to Living World, items, and profession skills. The profession skills themselves include tweaks to Elementalist, Guardian, Necromancer, and Warrior.

The patch introduced some changes to structured PvP as well including,

  • Removed the Mender Amulet from the PvP build panel.
  • Removed the Marshal Amulet from the PvP build panel.
  • Added the Sigil of Transference to the PvP build panel. In PvP, this sigil grants a 20% increase in outgoing healing effectiveness.

Speaking of the aforementioned meta achievements, the Guild Wars 2 devs recently made changes to make achieving these less grindy. If you’re chasing this event’s meta achievement, comment below if it actually feels any less grindy than in the past.

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