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Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival Arrives Mid-April

Giving April Fools' Day time for itself

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 has outlined the Super Adventure Festival set to take place in mid-April this year.

The post begins by stating that the festival actually started as an April Fools joke, but then became an actual festival. However, this doesn’t mean a new World isn’t happening,

“There will be new secrets to find in the Box, a new meta achievement reward and a new set of weapons to collect – a different twist on the original set rather than the usual new color – but the doors to Worlds 3 and 4 will remain shut. However, we haven't given up on a larger addition to the Super Adventure Box, and even if it isn't this year or the next, we'll be chipping away at it behind the scenes. You may even see some new assets in the Box this year from outside the Worlds you know…”

Be sure to check out the full post for more.


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