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Guild Wars 2 Shares Followup to the Community After Frustration Over Profession Skills Changes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 Game Director Josh Davis has responded to the community's feedback over proposed profession update changes that were released on Friday. The update will continue as planned tomorrow, but Davis emphasizes that the team is paying attention to feedback and will be more transparent going forward.

Since the release notes were posted to the community without the rest of the context, Davis acknowledges that there could be more clarity in how the developers share what's planned and what an update’s context means for the game.

“We opted to forego including ‘design notes’ in the release notes that explain the ‘why’ behind the changes, and instead chose to provide a general overview in the June Studio Update blog. This wasn’t an arbitrary decision on our part, but in retrospect, it was the wrong decision. We’ll change our approach for future updates.”

This was one communication issue, but it doesn’t get to what the player community really needs to know, which is how the dev team’s plans and goals will affect the game. This too will be addressed in a long post before the next planned major professions update, which is scheduled for the fall.

“We need to share the long-term vision for Guild Wars 2 profession balance and how it applies to PvE, PvP, and WvW. This has been provided piecemeal over the years (and some of it has bubbled up through unofficial channels without full context), but we haven’t provided anything official.”

The community's frustration and anger doesn't just stem from a whole lot of notes being released without context on a Friday, but this in combination with some of the planned changes themselves. Since the update will go forward tomorrow, Davis promises to release the design notes and reasoning behind all of the changes soon. This won’t be it, as they’ve scheduled a followup update to their schedule in the coming weeks to address feedback and any major issues. 

Read the full community post over at Guild Wars 2.


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