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Guild Wars 2 Seventh Anniversary Gifts Coming Soon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 gifts are coming soon to celebrate its seventh anniversary.

A special anniversary live stream will go live on their Twitch page on August 27 at 12p ET. 

If you created a character before August 25, 2012, you’ll receive your gifts first, starting August 25. 

Additional details include:

Account rewards:

  • Victory Rock—Use this novelty chair to strike a heroic pose.

  • Title—”Victorious”

  • Anniversary Armor Pack—Choose a set of exclusive armor skins.

  • Two Anniversary Weapon Packs—Choose exclusive weapon skins.

  • Anniversary Backpack Pack—Choose an exclusive backpack skin.

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock—Unlocks a random wardrobe option.

Character rewards:

  • Birthday Card—Awards 5,000 karma when consumed.

  • Victorious Dye Kit—Choose an account-bound exclusive dye.

  • Two Black Lion Statuettes—Redeemable for a variety of gem store items.

  • Two Birthday Boosters—Grants the Celebration Bonus effect for one day.

  • Five Teleport to Friend Tokens—Use to teleport to a party member’s location.

While the account rewards are only delivered once per account, each of your characters will receive the character rewards on their seventh birthday through the in-game mail system.

For full details, check out the post here.


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