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Guild Wars 2 Seeing Improvements in Server-Side Latency

Keep reporting any issues you find, though

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In an update on a forum thread, the folks behind Guild Wars 2 have mentioned that server-side latency is seeing improvements.

We had previously reported on performance issues in October, with ArenaNet continuing to address them with several updates. This latest update recognizes that the first round of changes did not have the impact they were hoping for, but that subsequent work has yielded better results,

“Hi everyone, back in October we let you know we were continuing to work on the gameplay performance issues. While our initial changes didn’t have the impact we were hoping, we’re happy to report that we’re seeing more success with our ongoing work on server-side latency. We’ll be rolling out updates over the next few weeks and into the new year and will be monitoring their success.”

The post continues, explaining that lag is a result of several factors. But the team continues to work on these to get them resolved and improve the overall gameplay experience. They conclude by asking anyone who experiences such issues to keep reporting them.


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