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Guild Wars 2 Releases Their Icebrood Saga: Champions Roadmap Through May of 2021

The Beginning of the Icy End

Steven Weber Posted:
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ArenaNet has released a roadmap for Guild Wars 2’s Icebrood Saga: Champions arc, which is a multi-chapter Living World story, that will conclude the saga altogether. The multi-update arc will carry the Icebrood Saga’s ending all the way through May of 2021.

There is speculation that this will be the last arc before heading into the next expansion, known as the End of Dragons expansion, which will take place in Cantha. ArenaNet has been decidedly tight-lipped about what the next expansion will have in store for us, but what they are willing to say, is that the finale of the Icebrood Saga will be one for the ages.

As with most big updates, look forward to new achievements, masteries, and rewards, as well as some additional story elements retroactively added, most notable the voice acting in the No Quarter and Jormag Rising updates. While you wait for the next big chapter update in November, you should definitely hop into the game and enjoy the Halloween events, and pay the Mad King a visit.


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