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Guild Wars 2 Releases Living World Season 1: Clockwork Chaos and Delivers Promised World Boss Updates

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 The latest Guild Wars 2 update includes Clockwork Chaos, episode 3 of Living World season 1 now available free for all, as well as the promised reworks to World Bosses, and more changes. 

Playing through the episode will award the original  achievements, as well as a new set of achievements, a new Clockwork Chaos Mastery meta-achievement, and some updated achievements that have revised goals or extra steps. (This morning, Robin previewed the episode, including differences between the original event and this new release of Clockwork Chaos). Due to changes, the original event had a series of worldwide clockwork invasions, but in order to complete it now, there will be a permanent recurring invasion event taking place every 2 hours.

Also in this patch are several updates to World bosses. Four World bosses, Great Jungle Wyrm, Shadow Behemoth, Fire Elemental, and Svanir Shaman Chief  got updates in order to try and bring them closer to the mechanics and difficulty of more current standards. This is done through adjustments such as adding some skill telegraphs and rebalanced health pools, as well as changing how damage is applied.  All of these encounters get extra rewards for completion to match the added difficulty. Three bosses also got graphical updates to improve texture and detail, except the Fire Elemental. 

With these changes, the goal is to make these early encounters feel similar in difficulty to later encounters so it doesn’t feel like you get a sudden difficulty spike going from old encounters to more recent ones, and can instead, feel a smoother progression.

Also getting rebalanced are raid rewards, which get some simplified currencies and changes to free up inventory space and reduce steps while also boosting some rewards to feel more appropriate for challenging encounters.

Read the full release notes, which include a number of other changes, over at Guild Wars 2.


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