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Guild Wars 2 Rebalances End of Dragons Content, Updates Fishing, and Adds New Strike Mission Challenge Mode

They've also added a way for some players to help others

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The latest Guild Wars 2 update covers a lot of ground, from fixes and adjustment to End of Dragons content, adding the challenge mode for Strike Mission: Xunlai Jade Junkyard, and additional overhauls to fishing.

End of Dragons was released back at the end of February, and ArenaNet noted that it has been a big success for Guild Wars 2. Some of this update’s adjustments look to fix a few bugs, like NPCs clipping or using the incorrect model, but also look to make some adjustments that seem to make some parts of the content a little more doable. Some of these mean clearer communication, as in the new announcement regarding when the Aetherblade Assault meta-event fails. 

Others rebalance certain meta-event content, like the “Defend the technicians while they redirect the power!" meta event, where the team not only rebalanced event scaling but also gave those titular lab techs a little more health. Another is designed to let those more experienced players help others, “Added a Puzzle Helper effect to the Seitung Province Spirit Vestibule maze that allows players who have already beaten all the bosses to help others with the events”. 

In technical work, the DirectX 11 beta renderer is complete, and the patch also fixed a DX11-related bug that was preventing Drakkar’s shadow from showing on the walls. 

Fishing gets some more love in this update, with overhauls to everything from adding a new health bar to skiffs that are under 100% health and docked, adding new fishing nodes in places, along with some increased drops to match, and fixed other fishing nodes to have the right fish spawning.

For those who love a good challenge more than peaceful fishing journeys, Strike Mission: Xunlai Jade Junkyard now has its challenge mode open. For those who have been enjoying the Living World content again, now you can take on this mode with increased rewards. 

See the full update details, including all of the class and combat balance updates at Guild Wars 2.


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