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Guild Wars 2 Provides Update on Why 3v3 Mini-Season Hasn't Yet Been Activated

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArenaNet has provided an update into why the 3v3 mini-season Guild Wars 2 update has been delayed.

The team first apologies for the delay in the post itself. It seems that the reason why the 3v3 mini-season is delayed is because the team is currently tinkering with balancing the conquest season to mini-season,

“We're trying some different things as we look for the right balance of conquest season to mini-season to true off-season. The general feedback that we got with the 2v2 season is that it ran a bit long given the meta and the lack of direct balance considerations for the the game mode, and that the immediate transition from season to mini-season didn't give much time to relax and reset.”

To that end, the team will go with some time without an active season, and then follow up with the mini-season,

“This time around, we're having a week (this week) with no active season, followed by a two-week mini-season of 3v3 TDM. The 3v3 season will start around the usual time next Tuesday. We'll see how the two-week season feels and will continue to evaluate mini-season length moving forward.”


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