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Guild Wars 2 Previews World vs. World Changes Coming Tomorrow and in Later Patches

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 is getting a new update tomorrow, and ArenaNet has released a preview of what to expect from the World vs. World changes.

Shared as a devblog from WvW Team Lead Cecil Armstrong and Floyd Grubb, senior designer, they begin by outlining their goals and priorities for WvW. These are:

  • Address player population balance issues through the World Restructuring and Alliances features.
  • Make WvW more rewarding to play with a focus on active participation.
  • Refine and iterate on core WvW systems like scoring, siege, upgrades, etc.

Tomorrow’s update will improve rewards, hitting on that second goal. The update will also include some changes that are designed to encourage getting into direct conflict more often. One of the ways they’re doing this is with those increased rewards. The patch will introduce a set of weekly objectives that will reset every Sunday at 11:30 PM Pacific. Completing objectives on the list will grant extra goodies, like 8 gold, and up to 35 bonus WvW Skirmish Claim tickets.

Expect hardier supply dolyaks and strengthened, more helpful camps. Caps will generate more supply, and have a bigger base maximum. Keeps and Stonemist Castle get reductions in base maximum supply and reduced benefit from upgrades. This will make it faster for the attacking side to reduce supply reserves without actively making the defenders less protected.

Also coming tomorrow are some adjustments to sieges, with flame rams and ballistae getting increased durability. With flame rams specifically, there was an issue that was kicking players off of siege weapons under certain circumstances, but this will finally be fixed.

These are changes coming tomorrow, but what about the future? The WvW restructuring is still an ongoing process, and they will continue making changes to WvW, but doing so over time to not make too many changes at once and cause chaos. As for more betas, the team is waiting until Alliances is ready for live testing before they’ll schedule new ones.

You can read the full devblog at Guild Wars 2.


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