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Guild Wars 2 Polishes End of Dragons, Improves the Player Experience, and Adds More Cats to Pet

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 The post-release support for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons continues. Today, ArenaNet released an update that focuses on polish, some fixes, improved player experience, and some additional cats to pet.

While recentl updates have included fixes and a series of adjustments to The Battle for the Jade Sea endgame encounter, this time around it’s much of the rest of the game that gets attention. Though the Battle for the Jade Sea does get some attention. In one change, there’s a tweak to one phase transition intended to address a potential exploit. In another, a spirit that was appearing too often has been adjusted. Some instances where you’d get Memories of Aurene rewards are also changed.

Some of the polish is visual, with changes like making sure the correct item names are implemented, moving some nodes so that they’re in the right place and no longer appear below ground, and things like dialogues triggering at the wrong time. Even some NPCs that had a tendency to talk at the wrong time or wrong place, like tengu in Mori Village that would be heard over story scenes, have been fixed or moved.

The list of fixes is extensive, but they’re more or less practical changes that might be subtle, but should improve the experience in general. Classes got some love with specializations like the Mechanist’s mech getting stuck repeating animations or, at other times, wouldn’t animate right. Other class changes were all mostly fixes like adding the correct icons.

For some, the best of the patch notes just might be in the increased number of kitties around. “A few more cats have made their home at Zen Daijun's Cat Island. Please pet accordingly, “ it says.

Whether you’re still making your way through End of Dragons and your experience is made more possible by the update, or you just want to pet more kitties, your time has arrived. 

See the full notes over at Guild Wars 2.


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