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Guild Wars 2 Patch Provides Fixes to Strike Missions

Plus some bug fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The most recent Guild Wars 2 patch provides a few bug fixes, along with some fixes to Strike Missions.

The Strike Mission-specific fixes are as follows:

  • Cold War: Fixed an issue in which some objects and enemy abilities were not removed after the event succeeded or reset.
  • Cold War: Fixed an issue that prevented Mastery points from the Morale Breaker achievement from properly unlocking inside the Strike Mission map. Any players who have previously earned the Mastery points but do not yet have them unlocked will acquire them on entering the Drizzlewood Coast or Cold War maps.

The patch also touches on some world polish, in addition to the Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store. A few new items and promotions are outlined, in addition to a couple of bug fixes,

  • The Thresher-Sickle 5000 now properly aligns with resource nodes.
  • Updated the unlock text for the Choya Finisher and Sandshark Finisher to accurately describe the unlock conditions.

Items were also addressed, specifically the Chilly Chaise. This received two fixes. The first fixed an issue where the chair didn’t seem to orient with respect to terrain slope. The second fix corrected a clipping issue whilst asura sitting in the chair.

You can read the full patch notes here.


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