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Guild Wars 2 Patch Notes Outline World Polish and a Host of Skill Tweaks

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch notes for Guild Wars 2 are out and they are quite lengthy indeed. Covering topics from world polish, to items tweaks, to profession skills, you’ll definitely want to give these notes a read.

Here’s a snippet, but check out the full notes here.

World Polish

  • Optional dialogue in the chapter Coming Home now appears in the chat log.
  • Seimur Oxbone will now provide chef vendor services in the home instances of players who have unlocked the Gourmet Training collection.
  • Fixed a bug that destroyed ascended herbs growing in players' home instance gardens after they harvested nodes in the same location in another player's garden.
  • Fixed a bug that caused repaired Brand Stompers in Grothmar Valley to still appear as broken after players left and returned to the map before completing the entire collection.
  • It is now possible for players to complete the Khan-Ur's Right Hand achievement if they have already looted the chest in the same day. Progress is now granted upon approaching the final chest with the required conditions met.
  • Maximum scaling has been adjusted for several microevents during A Concert for the Ages. This generally increases difficulty, but it also gives more opportunity for participation.
  • The events most affected are the "Repair the faulty wires!" and "Stop the amp from blowing!" events.
  • Leaps occur faster in the "Catch the leaping charr!" event to increase difficulty.
  • Pyrotorrick can now pick up more people because not enough players were getting chucked.
  • The cooldown between shots has been reduced for launching fireworks in the "Hit the firework targets!" event.
  • Transitions between hype tiers in A Concert for the Ages now adjust by the appropriate value for the completed/failed event instead of a set transition value.
  • The public version of Strike Mission: Shiverpeaks Pass now requires at least 5 players to be in the map before they can progress forward.


In this update, we're following up on some of the tempest changes from the previous update. Speedy Conduit has been a lackluster trait for a while, so we're combining it with Harmonious Conduit and creating a new trait that grants concentration. Imbued Melodies is being removed—we felt it wasn't very interesting while also being unnecessarily restrictive by being tied to the warhorn. Its replacement, Transcendent Tempest, provides an effect that is unique among other grandmaster traits, which we hope will provide a more meaningful choice when compared to the other options.


When the scrapper's profession ability was changed to an F5 skill, the tool belt skill from Sneak Gyro, Detection Pulse, was replaced. That skill was sorely missed as it provided useful and skilled counterplay if well timed. As the profession mechanic needed to remain on the F5 key, we looked elsewhere and saw that Purge Gyro, an inherently defensive and utility-centric ability, had a tool belt skill that did not fit its intent. Scrapper is also getting a bit of a tune-up with its hammer skills and a reduction to the vitality loss of the Impact Savant trait, which was leaving them a bit squishier than we intended for a bruiser style of play.


Firebrand prevalence in group content has been quite strong as they offer significant support options to the point that they were crowding out other builds. In particular, Tome of Courage had a bit more power than was healthy, so we've sought to tweak that down while retaining its overall playstyle by removing some of its boon generation. We're also reducing scepter damage and increasing sword damage in PvE as the best melee damage option should not be a ranged weapon.


Chaotic Interruption has been reworked as a trait that offers a dynamic and skillful form of play by giving savvy players a means to use their abilities to recharge weapon skills. Some chronomancer tweaks are also in to offer another means of granting group quickness and to clean up some functional redundancy between Delayed Reactions and Lost Time.


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