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Guild Wars 2 Patch Brings Updates to Drizzlewood Coast

Plus other updates

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The finale for the Icebrood Saga has released, and alongside this latest Guild Wars 2 story chapter are patch notes. Lots of patch notes.

In addition to the release of Champions, the patch provides updates for voice overs for No Quarter and Jormag Rising. Additionally, two achievements have been added whenever you complete each episode’s story chapters with VO. The patch also touches on world polish in general, with Drizzlewood Coast receiving the bulk of updates.

The Drizzlewood Coast updates include reducing the time to capture control points when you’re attacking Dominion bases in the Battle Cry event. it also reduces the enemies required to defeat in order for you to advance when you’re escorting allies in Dominion base attacks.

Additional updates to Drizzlewood Coast include:

  • Added an airdrop location over the Iron Lookout in the northern half of Drizzlewood Coast.
  • One chest from each cache keeper has been moved to Wolf's Crossing. These chests will appear upon successful completion of the Battle Cry meta-event, and they still require a cache key to open.
  • Two guaranteed cache keys have been added to the Magnificent Chest that appears upon successful completion of the Battle Cry meta-event.

The patch notes also touch on various profession skills, world vs world, and the Black Lion Trading Company gem store. If you missed it, be sure to check out our preview of Champions.


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