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Guild Wars 2 Patch Addresses Living World Issue, Profession Skills

Yay patch notes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest release notes for Guild Wars 2 are here and cover off a host of topics from Living World to Profession Skills.

The Living World item covered off a fix which saw objective markers appearing outside the target map when you were on a different map in a few sections of Champions Chapter 1: Truce Story. That issue has now been rectified.

Profession skills saw a bunch of updates and tweaks to elementalist, engineer, guardian, necromancer, revenant, thief, and warrior. For example, the elementalist saw the following:

  • Convergence: Updated the tooltip description of this skill for greater accuracy and to include the delay duration before the skill lands.
  • Tempestuous Aria: This trait no longer increases the maximum number of targets of shout skills.
  • Shout Skills: Increased the maximum number of targets from 5 to 10 in PvE only.

The release notes also touched on structured PvP which saw the removal of the Celestial Amulet from the PvP build panel. There were a few changes to the Black Lion Trading Company gem store, mainly in the form of new items and promos.


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